Tuesday, September 22, 2009

plain and simple, in that order

Little Wings - So What?

I moved to this new city. "So what?" you might say. Still, I haven't found a job. And I get lost on city buses but love to take the trolley. It is easier and I ride backwards everywhere watching everything get smaller and sucked into the distance. Woosh woosh so what!

I went to an interview downtown and changed into dress attire in a broken down McDonald's. I ate a sandwich after the call simulation and interview was completed. I drank chocolate milk and watched people wait for a bus. So what.

I went to a sports bar and drank gin and tonics where they told me "hey, it's always happy hour here!" and I said uh-huh so what, so what. We ran to the T before it got dark so I wouldn't get lost. We made it! Sarah fell asleep on the train and we almost missed our stop and the operator said $2. I shoved it in the little machine thinking "so what..." but I had spent $6 total taking the T that day.

I walked down to BP or AM/PM to get a half gallon of milk. The first time I left the house in two days! I could not find my keys. Tearing apart my room, I emptied all of the bags and purses I had used in the past four days... No sight of them. Finally I went to my front door and opened it. There the keys were, jingling in the deadbolt. I laughed and thought 'so what'.
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