Thursday, November 27, 2008

Morrissey bike gang


I want to be in this Morrissey army.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

prenez soin de vous one of my favorite combinations of the French language. It means 'take care of yourself' and is the title of a book/exhibition by Sophie Calle, a French artist.

"In this remarkable artist's book, French conceptual artist/provocateur Sophie Calle presents 107 outside interpretations of a "breakup" e-mail she received from her lover the day he ended their affair. It is a deeply poignant investigation of love and loss, published to coincide with the 2007 Venice Biennale--where Calle served as that fair's French representative.

All of the interpreters of Calle's breakup letter were wom
en, and each was asked to analyze the document according to her profession--so that a writer comments on its style, a justice issues judgment, and a lawyer defends Calle's ex-lover. Other interpretations are offered by a psychoanalyst studying the ex's psychology, a mediator tries to find a path towards reconciliation, and a proofreader provides a literal edit of the text, etc.

In addition, Calle asked a variety of performers, including Nathalie Dessay, Laurie Anderson and Carla Bruni, among others, to act the letter out. She filmed the singers and actresses and photographed the other contributors, so that each printed interpretation stands alongside at least one riveting image of its author.

The result is a fascinating study and a deeply moving experience--as well as an artwork in its own right. Already a collector's item, this is a universal document of how it feels to grieve for love.
" --

I'm enamored with Charlotte Gainsbourg's voice and mostly her songs in French. I feel that this beautiful song fits the mood of this artwork and its ambitions to expose and provoke. And Nina, oh, Nina. This song is a must! Prenez soin de vous. Take care of yourself.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - L'un Part L'autre Reste
Nina Simone - Ne me Quitte Pas

Sunday, November 23, 2008

regina di bastoni

I've got to ask myself today: Can I really do this all over again? I don't know what the answer is because I'm posing the question so early. I'm just getting it all out of the way in the beginning. I just want something to be easy for once.

I don't know if that will ever happen.

Okay. Black Bear. A really big deal in my life and my car's life and now in your life. I have no idea which song to pick because I like them all.

Black Bear - I Know What I Was

Grizzly Bear - While You Wait For the Others

Monday, November 17, 2008

video crossover

I racked my brain for fifteen minutes trying to solve a mystery... Where had I heard this type of steel pans noise featured in Final Fantasy's video for 'Blue Imelda' before?

And then I realized! Ahhh, yes. Lykke Li's 'Little Bit' has a similar use of this sound. I was so scared I would never figure it out. Phew. I think the videos are oddly comparable, as well.

It also reminds me of maybe a High Places or Panda Bear kind of noise, but as for a direct likeness I was reminded of Lykke Li.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

short songs in women's voices

I don't know much about Julie Doiron. But I have a lot of her songs and I like to listen to them. Some of them are in French and some of them are barely even two minutes in length. I would like to share one of hers with all of you today.

She made a record with that Mount Eerie/Microphones' Phil Elvrum dude and it is super cute. So scoop that up, too. She's probably played with tons of other people. Hanging out. Man.

Julie Doiron - His Girlfriend

I have also included a song from Dear Nora. Frontwoman Katy Davidson has an ever changing line up of band mates. Dear Nora pals around with some of my all time fave acts like Casiotone, YACHT and Mirah. She totally has the twee harmonies thing down for sure. I like these songs a lot and they are really short.

Dear Nora - The Lonesome Border

Now Ms. Davidson is reunited with a former Dear Nora member to create the L.A.-based band called Lloyd & Michael. I love love love this song. My brother's middle name is Lloyd.

Lloyd & Michael - A Real Time Here

If you like these songs you would probably like Husbands Love Your Wives a lot, too. We'll just stick one of their songs on here... Why not? They are on the same label as Throw Me the Statue and Black Bear, Baskerville Hill Records.

Husbands Love Your Wives - Everything and Everything

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

genetically inclined

If you have not taken it upon yourself to obtain Ms. Mirah's collaboration with Spectratone International, Share This Place, I encourage you to do so.

These songs are meditations of the entomological nature. Super exoskeletal.

Mirah & Spectratone Intl - Gestation of the Sacred Beetle
Mirah & Spectratone Intl - Following the Sun

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November is for cold hands

Few singers fall harder than Stephin Merritt. I just recently found out about yet another of his side projects--Future Bible Heroes. I don't know how they could have possibly escaped me, but I was missing out.

I don't know how many LPs they have made (two) or when they came out (1997 and 2002) or if the band is now defunct (it's not), but I love it. And that's all that matters.

I don't know how many songs Claudia Gonson has sang on under the instruction of Mr. Merritt. Her voice fits the music and lyrics so beautifully. You Pretend to be the Moon is so melty and hush hush. Parfait.

So here's to you, Claudia. The perfect accomplice to these songs of woe and pining.

Future Bible Heroes - You Pretend to be the Moon

Future Bible Heroes - Lonely Days

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

it's only noise it's only noise

Are there any bands that make you really really want to play bass guitar? Those bands are special and good. For me, it is Beat Happening in a major way. Heavy bass songs are great for car rides. Sometimes I get really excited and almost plow down stop signs.

In a major way.

Beat Happening - Fortune Cookie Prize
Beat Happening - Noise

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

authentic queers and phony virgins

I love listening to Scott Walker. I can credit WARC 90.3 fm for that obsession. Whilst driving to Wal*Mart and following a trip to the liquor store, Mathilde was played. Amazing. Does one italicize or put song names in quotations? I believe it is quotations, but I am heavy on the italics aesthetic.

Regardless, I am drunk and here is a delightful picture as well as three MP3's.

Scott Walker - Mathilde
Scott Walker - Jackie
Scott Walker - Black Sheep Boy

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The thought of you both on your knees rearranging all her CDs

Congratulations, America!

I feel dumb for not knowing that Kathy Foster was in All Girl Summer Fun Band as well as The Thermals. Shame on me. Such a fucking rad lady.

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All Girl Summer Fun Band - Dear Mr. and Mrs. Troublemaker
The Thermals - Back to Gray

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Put all your fears, your fires, your family into the mouth of Final Fantasy

I love Final Fantasy. This video is for a song off of one of two new eps, Spectrum, 14th Century. The other ep is put out by States Rights Records and a newly emerging and creepy entity entitled the Slender Means Society. Perhaps this new group is just putting a name to an already incestuous and pillaging musical friendship scene?

There's only a few snippets of Owen and is paired with what looks like a video suffering from of Montreal's bad bad bad video syndrome. Baby Owen merchildren? Levitating children and candles and triangles... I guess it is A-okay.

I have a killer headache. But that's not really keeping me from listening to this on repeat. I think Heartland is going to be super good. And I'm so into hearing Mr. Pallet say the words Final Fantasy in his song. I love it.

Final Fantasy - This Modern Love (Bloc Party Cover)
Final Fantasy - The Butcher

Saturday, November 1, 2008