Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'll mess up my color just to feel you correct it

Recently I read a way to make a simple home air conditioning system. It involved one large bag of ice, a powerful fan and a tray to empty the bag of the ice into. After placing the ice in the container, turn the fan on high. The coolness put off by the ice rises into the air and is blown into your face by the fan. This can be pretty messy and only lasts a short while.

If you are searching for other ways to cool down this summer, I suggest Melbourne, Australia's The Crayon Fields. Forming in 2002, the band put out their first LP in 2006 called Animal Bells. In September they will release their second full length called All The Pleasures of the World.

Reminiscent of The Beach Boys and The Zombies they are a great way to shake down this summer. Click on the links below to download your own 1960's pop cool. No fan required.

Crayon Fields - Voice Of Paradise from Geoff O'Connor on Vimeo.

The Crayon Fields - All the Pleasures of the World
The Crayon Fields - Living So Well

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