Sunday, November 16, 2008

short songs in women's voices

I don't know much about Julie Doiron. But I have a lot of her songs and I like to listen to them. Some of them are in French and some of them are barely even two minutes in length. I would like to share one of hers with all of you today.

She made a record with that Mount Eerie/Microphones' Phil Elvrum dude and it is super cute. So scoop that up, too. She's probably played with tons of other people. Hanging out. Man.

Julie Doiron - His Girlfriend

I have also included a song from Dear Nora. Frontwoman Katy Davidson has an ever changing line up of band mates. Dear Nora pals around with some of my all time fave acts like Casiotone, YACHT and Mirah. She totally has the twee harmonies thing down for sure. I like these songs a lot and they are really short.

Dear Nora - The Lonesome Border

Now Ms. Davidson is reunited with a former Dear Nora member to create the L.A.-based band called Lloyd & Michael. I love love love this song. My brother's middle name is Lloyd.

Lloyd & Michael - A Real Time Here

If you like these songs you would probably like Husbands Love Your Wives a lot, too. We'll just stick one of their songs on here... Why not? They are on the same label as Throw Me the Statue and Black Bear, Baskerville Hill Records.

Husbands Love Your Wives - Everything and Everything

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Thanks for these. Great stuff.