Sunday, November 2, 2008

Put all your fears, your fires, your family into the mouth of Final Fantasy

I love Final Fantasy. This video is for a song off of one of two new eps, Spectrum, 14th Century. The other ep is put out by States Rights Records and a newly emerging and creepy entity entitled the Slender Means Society. Perhaps this new group is just putting a name to an already incestuous and pillaging musical friendship scene?

There's only a few snippets of Owen and is paired with what looks like a video suffering from of Montreal's bad bad bad video syndrome. Baby Owen merchildren? Levitating children and candles and triangles... I guess it is A-okay.

I have a killer headache. But that's not really keeping me from listening to this on repeat. I think Heartland is going to be super good. And I'm so into hearing Mr. Pallet say the words Final Fantasy in his song. I love it.

Final Fantasy - This Modern Love (Bloc Party Cover)
Final Fantasy - The Butcher

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