Thursday, January 8, 2009

I just want to write...

New Animal Collective.
New Animal Collective.
New Animal Collective.
New Animal Collective.

And an inauguration. And an inauguration party. What a splendid month.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Strawberry Jam. Granted some of the songs (at least one of them) could be my favorite AC song of all. For some reason I just didn't feel on it. There is still time. But Merriweather Post Pavilion seems so grand so far. It is time for a really good record to enter my life. Something needs to fill up these great wide gaps and spaces.

Snow blows about here in Ohio. And this is my favorite song off of the new release. It is the very first song.

Animal Collective - In the Flowers

I have been trying to listen to a lot of new things recently. A new favorite is this little tune by The Essex Green. I'm from Ohio and I went to school in Pennsylvania. I have visited Pittsburgh several times... So it is fun to hear Ohio mentioned in this song. Rust belt.

The Essex Green - Sin City

Enjoy. Happy 2009!

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